… and Our Terms of Service

Safety First

We sell only through SEDO or other recognised marketplace. Your safety is our main concern. That´s why no sale is handled directly on this site.

We will never ask you to make a payment when selling or buying a domain, logo or concept. All payments are done on the marketplace such as SEDO.

In order to buy a domain related to one of the concepts, please follow the link and you will be directed to a recognised marketplace. The price and all conditions will be provided in the respective site. There are no fees and no other costs to you applied by VERYSPECIAL.io

We strongly recommend to handle all transactions through a reputable marketplace. Only then you will enjoy the relative safety of the established marketplace.

Always use the escrow services offered by recognised marketplace, such as SEDO or other.

The main role of VERYSPECIAL.io is to list domains offered for sale. However, we strongly recommend that you also do checks to ensure that the domains you plan to acquire do not breach any copyrights and trademarks. Avoid entering into transactions about which you are not sure / have doubts / not able to receive answers to your questions. It is your responsibility to do any background checks as you see fit.

Only the BEST domains

We strive to provide you the best available domains. VERYSPECIAL.io measures the value of domains using our proprietary metric called MIP, which stands for Market Recognition, Impact and Price. Only domains that pass the MIP hurdle can be listed on our site. Some details explaining how MIP works are provided below. As all things in this life, MIP reflects our view, and this can be wrong / not correspond with your view. As such, take it with a grain of salt. This is for guidance only, and simply acts as our filter. You decide if you want to use it or not.

1. Market recognition

We prefer .COM domains. The other domains that also carry significant market recognition are .ORG and .IO. Anything else is substandard, and would be difficult to market successfully.

When assigning a MIP score, we also check for similarities with other active sites / products. If such similarities exit, we assign a lower value because we feel that market will penalise copy-cats.

We also check for low quality features, such as presence of numbers and hyphens, confusing spelling, and excessive length of domains.

2. Impact

The domain has to carry impact and have an appeal with customers. The MIP looks into the following aspects: uniqueness, clarity, and memorability. For example, a domain that contains one or two words that are clearly related to the intended use would score highly. A single generic name would also score highly. Anything that is hard to remember, is confusing or misleading, would carry a lower score.

3. Price

.COM domains remain the most desirable and they command the highest valuations. Most of the time, anything outside of .COM space has lower monetary and resell values.

There are a number of readily available tools that help us determine the value of the domain. When assigning a MIP score, we usually check if the price is within the market lines. If it is significantly divergent, we assign a lower score.


We strive to list original names only. This means that we would not knowingly list domains that blatantly mislead users by referring to existing cryptocurrency with a similar name. It is the duty of the listing partners to ensure that no violations of this principle occur. In case a listing violates this principle, we will remove the offending listing. No refund will be issued.

All copyright infringements and notices can be submitted using our contact form.

Buyers should also check that domains they intend to buy do not violate copyrights. We cannot be held liable for any subsequent claims, omissions or mistakes.

In order to avoid any misunderstandings, we always publish a date of the birth of the concept. This should be understood as a date when the concept was published on our site or on any other site in a publicly visible manner. This measure should help address any arising misunderstandings and conflicts regarding the public announcement of the concept and arising copyright / ownership claims.

For avoidance of doubt, when buyers buy a domain listed on veryspecial.io, they also acquire all rights to the concept, and the seller of a respective domain releases all rights to the concept, which might include the logo, description, copyright etc.

No REGULATED activity

We don´t allow ads and promotion of activity that is regulated and / or require authorisation by competent authorities. For example, no trading in cryptocurrencies, advisory and financial services, legal advice and other equivalent service is offered on this site.


By using this site, you acknowledge and consent that VERYSPECIAL.io will not be held liable for any action arising whatsoever. For example, if you buy a domain or concept promoted on this website, you will do so at your own judgement and risk without any subsequent recourse to VERYSPECIAL.io. The same applies to sellers of domains and concepts. If you decide to promote a crypto concept on this site, you will do so at your own discretion and risk. VERYSPECIAL.io will not be held liable for any subsequent actions arising.